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Bath toys for every age

Bath toys for every age

Bath time is probably your child's favourite time of the day! It's the perfect time for your kid to discover and learn a lot of new things while playing. Even during bath time, Nûby™ is there to assist in every step of your child's development. Are you wondering what kind of bath toy matches the current skills of your little one? 


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Which bath toy matches your little one?


First Bath Toy

When choosing your baby's first bath toy, it's important to find one that is made of soft, squeezable materials. Just to be sure it's nice and safe for the baby to hold.


Have a look at this fun rubber duck! A classic, you might say, only our rubber duck has a heat sensor that turns white when the water is too hot for the baby.

Rubber duck

Ship Ahoy! 

Does your baby's imagination grow visibly and does he or she want to play with every possible object? Squirting or floating figures are the perfect toys to follow up the rubber duck.


These colourful boats float on the surface and squirt water when you squeeze them. Instant bath time fun guaranteed!

Bath Toy Boat

My First Words

Does your little hero start to recognize forms? The bath letters and numbers easily stick to the bath tub wall to make tons of fun creations!


The 36 letters and numbers float and are made of soft materials.

Bath toy letters


Around your kid's first birthday, his or her agility will have improved quite a bit. There's no challenge he or she will shy away from. Fishing figures in the bath tub with a net or throwing colourful rings around the tentacles of an octopus,.... bath time is so much fun!


This happy octopus floats around in the tub and challenges your kid to throw colourful rings around his tentacles. The toy helps to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulates the senses through play.

Octopus bath toy

Picasso in the Tub

Your little artist wants to be able to practice his or her creative skills at any time. The crayons come in five different colours and turn bath time into a creative outlet.


Don't panic though, they're super easy to wash off.

bath crayons

Are you curious about our other bath toys?

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