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The Tritan™ cups by Nûby™ can take a punch!

The Tritan™ cups by Nûby™ can take a punch!

With kids running wild from time to time, parents should be able to trust in the products they buy for their children and know they can take a punch. At Nuby™ we want to make sure parents don’t have to worry about their kids’ cup breaking or leaking from the occasional fall. That is why we chose to develop a new line of cups from the strong material from Eastman: Tritan™. 

Tritan what?

The BPA-free cups made with Tritan™ are safe for every family. And not only are they safe, they’re durable — able to withstand being thrown, dropped or being tossed in the dishwasher, because of the strong, shatter proof material. It has a long-lasting clarity and is also odourless and stain resistant. Our Tritan™ cups aren’t only the toughest, but with the glass-like appeal they also make for a very stylish look. 

We take it to the next level with Tritan™ and bring parents a highly durable, tough, yet stylish cup, to make their life just a little easier. And kids as well will definitely love it! For the tough kids, the blue cup with shark print is ready to go, and the pink cup with flamingo print on it fits perfectly for fly funky kids. They can take their favourite cup with them wherever they go, thanks to the hygienic flip cover that covers the straw perfectly. And there are many more fun designs on their way, such as bears, penguins, hearts, …


So, let’s take a moment to sum up everything you need to know about Tritan™:
  • They are truly innovative cups, because of the combination of a stylish look, that looks like it is glass, together with the strength of the Tritan™ material.
  • The Tritan™ cups stay strong and unbreakable, even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles where they’re tossed and turned.
  • They are odourless, tasteless and stain resistant, no matter what is being put in them.
  • They just have the most fun designs! Step into summer with a big smile in your face with the tough sharks or the funky flamingos. You can already feel the sun shining. And stay tuned, because there are lots of new designs to come!



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