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Manual breast pump set

Manual breast pump set

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While breastfeeding, mother and child are strongly dependent on each other. Thanks to expressing your milk, as a mother you can make sure that feeding your baby can also take place in your absence.
In a nutshell
  • Soft silicone horn with stimulating cushions

  • Contains a breast pump, silicone bottle of 210ml and polypropylene bottle of 150ml, a support, a screw ring, a silicone sealing lid for the bottles and a hygienic cover for the breast pump

GTIN code: 0048526720354
ID code: NT72035
Size of one Piece
Length: 24.50cm
Width: 24.50cm
Depth: 10.50cm
Size carton
Pieces: 3
Length: 26.50cm
Width: 34.00cm
Depth: 27.00cm
Manual 72035