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Nuby and Dr. Talbot's - New Valmar

Our philosophy

At New Valmar, home of Nûby and Dr. Talbot’s, we strive on a daily basis to improve the wellbeing of your entire family by creating innovative, functional and fun products that provide a safe and healthy development for children and help you nurture your loved ones every step of the way.

To achieve these goals, we offer you two different ranges that are completely in sync with the needs of you and your family.

With the Nûby brand, our expertise covers all the important and exciting stages that parents encounter when their baby develops and grows. As a result, Nûby will make both parents’ and kids’ lives easier, happier and more colourful. Nûby offers multiple product categories that are all filled with high-quality products, topped off with a playful, colourful touch. We offer solutions in soothers, bottles, cups, teethers and toys, tableware, bibs, grooming, bath toys, and perhaps even more extended product groups when we feel they are indispensable in a child’s life.

With the Dr. Talbot’s brand, we focus on the health and wellbeing of the entire family, from the youngest ones making their introduction in this world, to the elderly wanting to enjoy life in comfort. All of our trustworthy products can be found in a variety of product categories, going from teething aid for babies to personal protective equipment for all ages, and many other possible tools that are part of family life.

Discover all the products in our different ranges: 

Discover the Nûby range Discover the Dr. Talbot's range  



Since the 1970’s Luv n’ Care has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products that are inspired by nature and make the lives of babies and parents easier, simpler and more fun. Since 1992 Nûby Europe - New Valmar, with its headquarters in Evergem, is an exclusive partner of Luv n’ Care. They distribute all Nûby products in large parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Marques pour grandir Triman Vegan Society Citroganix  
French Label of high quality baby products. French label that says that Nûby complies with French recycling regulations International recognition by the Vegan society for Vegan products (Citroganix™)  


Todopapas USDA certified New Valmar - Nuby is een EQAMOB voorbeeldbedrijf  
Spanish quality label, granted by parents for  to Citroganix™ products Quality label of USDA for bio based products (Citroganix™) Kwalificatie als voorbeeldbedrijf voor Internationale stageplaatsen  


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